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Joe Cullumber

18 National Team Coach

HOME LIFE: Joe grew up in Fremont California and moved to Cache Valley in high school. He is married with 4 kids and lives here in Nibley

EDUCATION: Joe attended American High school in California then Mountain Crest High School. After a 2 year stint in Taiwan where he learned a love for the Chinese culture and Chinese language, he returned and attended Utah State.

VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Joe has been playing since jr high in Fremont. Then since moving to Utah he has been involved in the USU Men's team as well as indoor and outdoor. He has coached for Mtn Peak for three years and is currently the head coach at Logan High School.

WHY I COACH: "Coaching allows me to share and help improve those who are looking to become involved in the game. Helping someone love the game makes it worth it."

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Your focus determines your reality." George Lucas

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