Ashley Carlisle

Mountain Peak 13 Elite Coach

Ridgeline Freshman Coach

2 Years Coaching Experience

HOME LIFE: Ashley grew up in Lehi, Utah.  Besides playing volleyball, Ashley loves to read, create DIY projects, and spend time with her husband Josh. Josh and Ashley met while going to Utah State. Ashley first noticed Josh while playing volleyball, and they soon became friends.  They were married in August of 2016 in Payson, Utah.  

EDUCATION: Ashley is finishing up her degree in Civil Engineering at Utah State. She will graduate in May of 2018.

VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Ashley has been playing volleyball ever since she was little.  It was a hard choice between playing softball and volleyball (volleyball club season over-lapped with softball), but she made the right choice and has never looked back. Ashley started playing club when she was 11 years old. As she got older, she played for Lehi High School as a setter. They were Region Champions all 4 years she played for Lehi. Her senior year, Ashley was one of the top-ranked setters in the state of Utah.  In college, Ashley continued to play as much as possible. She would organize groups to get together and play (hence how she met Josh).  Now she enjoys playing frequently with her husband.


COACHING CAREER: During high school, Ashley helped coach camps for younger girls. This last year was her first year coaching for Mtn Peak. She helped coach the middle school fall league, the 13 Elite club team, the summer league, and various summer camps. Ashley will help coach at Ridgeline High School for the 2017 season.

WHY I COACH: "I love being able to share my love of volleyball with the girls. I learned a lot of life lessons through playing sports, and I want to be able to help these girls grow and learn not just skills for volleyball, but skills for life. I had coaches that made a big difference in who I am today, and I hope to be a coach that can affect the lives of these girls for the better. Then also as a bonus, I get to spend time with Josh, my tall, handsome husband."




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Logan, UT 84321





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