We are committed to ensuring each and every Mountain Peak athlete is given the best possible opportunities to grow in the sport of volleyball while also creating character-based athletes. A day will come when each athlete’s volleyball career is at an end; the kind of person that athlete has become is more important than the volleyball skills they learned throughout the duration of their career. We are dedicated to developing athletes to learn the important lifelong skills of working hard, overcoming adversity, gratitude, and building up the people around you. We believe mentally-tough athletes have the best chance of success and provide opportunities for athletes to develop their mental toughness as well as their physical skills, as both are closely affected by one another. We provide a disciplined practice environment, maximizing the time available with organized content and structure. We teach our athletes that competing and training at full effort is an expectation; as well as being a positive and supportive teammate and a problem-solver that flourishes in the face of adversity. Athletes must push beyond their comfort zone in order to make changes.

We know how important quality reps are and having the opportunity to get feedback and instruction. We host club-wide clinics and tournaments throughout the season to help maximize the opportunities for growth and learning.


Mountain Peak Mission: To develop athletes that excel in PEAK:

     Perseverance - Perseverance is steady persistence in a course of action. Fighting through and finishing until the end develops strong-minded, self-disciplined individuals. We overcome adversity by staying focused on our goals and showing gratitude for the opportunities that we have. Our athletes fight for every point, for every win, and to meet every goal they set.

     Energy - Energy is one of the biggest components in volleyball playing a large impact in the success of each player and team. Positive energy is an essential part of teamwork and accomplishing our goals. Athletes are expected to exhibit positive energy towards themselves, their coaches, and their teammates. Additionally, what we put in our bodies contribute to the energy that we have during the day, practices, and games. We teach our athletes to understand the importance of sports nutrition and the impact that it has on our performance.

     Attitude - Developing a positive outlook is essential both in volleyball and in the game of life. Learning to rise above the negatives and overcome adversity with the will to become something better than you were before. Having a desire to always learn more and work harder and have a growth mindset is essential to an athlete's success. Even when everything else is going wrong, you can always control your effort and your attitude. Mtn Peak athletes have an expectation to come to practice and games with a positive attitude and to treat their coach, teammates, spectators, officials, and family with respect.

     Knowledge - Understanding the game fully and mastering the fundamentals is crucial to an athlete's success.  Mtn Peak athletes are never content with the knowledge they have and strive to gain more understanding and become lifelong learners. We celebrate learning and with that, failure. Experiencing failure, aka learning opportunities, makes us better if we allow it to. We teach athletes that errors are wonderful opportunities to learn and are not a negative thing. Our brains are built to learn the best when we’re operating at the edge of our abilities, outside of our comfort zones, and when we make a lot of mistakes. Most of us struggle with learning because of our fear of failure, looking bad, and resistance to change. We work to teach athletes that in order to get better you have to make mistakes. Skills are grown and not given.

Train with TrainUgly

We train our athletes to develop a growth mindset and learn like a Jungle Tiger. We train using research from Trevor Ragan with TrainUgly and do several workshops throughout the year.


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