Growth Mindset

We believe in a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset. Our mindset has the biggest impact on our development and future success. Talent is developed with hard work, determined focus, and effort. We embrace failure as learning opportunities to grow. Challenges and mistakes only make us stronger, if we allow it to.

Warrior Mentality

We believe that winning is not our focus, but the pleasant and expected by-product of hard work and effort. Winning and losing are both waypoints along the journey. We believe that competing at our highest level will help us accomplish our goals.  We live by unbending values, cherish the challenge, respect the nature of competition, and run headlong into the quest for excellence. We believe in developing purpose-driven athletes who are internally motivated to reach success. We seek challenges, battle for personal excellence, strive to be better each day, and live and play with purpose embedded in values. We embrace the journey!


We believe that showing gratitude and giving back is essential to the development of athletes in our quest to develop strong values in our young people. We believe that recognizing what others have done and do for us allows us to be more grateful and appreciate what we have. Our club participates in at least one club-wide service project each year and encourages individual teams to seek additional opportunities to serve. Engaging in service is one way we can show appreciation and recognize what we have been blessed with. We create moments to thank officials, refs, coaches, tournament workers, and parents for their support and efforts in allowing us to play this great sport we love.


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