Mountain Peak Volleyball provides athletes with high quality programming to pursue volleyball excellence. Our players are taught the importance of fostering a Growth Mindset and developing teamwork and communication skills with the ultimate goal of excelling both on and off the volleyball court (both now and in their future endeavors). Our highly trained coaches embrace the challenge of developing their athletes physically and mentally and strive to teach our PEAK values of Perseverance, Energy, Attitude, and Knowledge. Our Mountain Peak Family aims to have a positive impact on each and every member of our club.







We take pride in being transparent and posting season details as early and accurately as possible. We work hard to make it easy on parents by having clear and timely communication from administration and coaches. Our website is constantly updated with current and accurate information. We use LeagueApps to provide coach and team contact information to make communication easier for our coaches and parents. We ensure a proper coach to athlete ratio at trainings to make sure athletes are receiving feedback and quality reps. 


Our directors commit to attending opportunities for continuing education each year. We study new research and findings from the USA adult and junior national teams as well as some of the most recognized coaches in the nation. We spend time to modify our training each year to better meet the needs of our athletes. We take time to create content and training for our coaches so they can continue to learn, grow, and teach correct skills and strategies.  


We are a big believer in communication. We work to have a timely response to emails and text messages that we receive. We have several lines of communication with our coaches to keep them up-to-date and well-informed. We participate in state and region meetings to stay knowledgeable on changes and happenings in our sport. Any changes to practice or game schedules are relayed by text/email to parents and coaches as soon as they are received. Additionally, we welcome parents and athletes that would like to meet and discuss any concerns or questions.