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From the Side

This is a fun, competitive warm-up drill. Begin by placing the players in teams of three. You can choose to allow only backrow attacks or permit frontrow attacking. Pick the score you would like to compete towards,


The coach will initiate a down ball from the side (or a toss for beginning teams). The winning team of each rally will always receive the down ball from the coach. You can ONLY score from receiving the down ball; teams do not receive a point if they did not take the initial pass from the caoch.


Once a team gets within one point of winning, make the down ball very difficult. (You want as many teams within one point of scoring as possible). For more advanced teams, hit as hard as you can! For beginning teams, try to hit around them more to make them move. Once a team is able to score from winning the difficult down ball, that team wins and the drill is over.

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