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Find answers to common questions about the upcoming club season.

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How do I know which age group to try out for? 

Age groups are determined by date of birth and grade. USAV and AAU set the age classifications that are followed nation-wide. If you are unsure which age group you qualify for, please email

How many teams will Mountain Peak Volleyball have this season? 

Each season varies on the number of teams per age group.  You can see the tentative list of teams we plan to have for the season below.

How do I know which division to try out for?  

Most age groups have three divisions: National, Elite, and Academy. The "National" division teams will be the highest commitment level and are geared towards athletes who want to play volleyball at the top level and travel outside of Utah. The "Elite" division teams are a lower commitment level and are a great fit for athletes who don't want to travel as much. During the tryout registration you can select whether you would like to be considered for National or Elite (15U-18U National tryouts take place in the summer for girls). If you want to participate in the Academy program, you do not need to tryout and can register directly on our Academy page.

When are tryouts? 

Click here to view the list of tryout dates for each age group. Times will be posted and emailed to all athletes registered for tryouts.

What if I can't make the tryouts for my age group?  

If you're unable to attend, please email or to discuss further.


What should I bring to tryouts?  

During the tryout process, each athlete will receive a tryout shirt to wear for the duration of tryouts OR a tryout bib number to attach to the t-shirt they are wearing. In addition to this, you should come dressed in whatever athletic apparel you feel most comfortable playing in. This may or may not include spandex shorts, kneepads, ankle supports, etc.

What do I need for check-in?  

Most of the check-in process will be completed online during the registration process. You should complete the following at least 24 hours before tryouts begin:

  1. Complete your AAU membership. Use the club code RSC644F5 for Mountain Peak Volleyball.

  2. Complete your MPV tryout registration on LeagueApps.

  3. Complete your USAV Medical Form. Please bring a printed copy with you to check-in.

  4. If you make a national team, you will need to complete your USAV membership. This information will be sent after team placements have been made.

Are parents allowed to watch tryouts?  

We have chosen to have a closed tryout. We have found it is very challenging for our staff to complete thorough evaluations when being interrupted by well-meaning parents with concerns or questions about their child's current performance or placement on the court. We welcome any parents that would like to enter the facility and ask questions after the completion of the tryout, but parents may not remain in the facility or approach coaches or admin staff once tryouts begin. 


Does everyone make a team?  

In our 10s-14s age groups, everyone makes a National, Elite, or Academy team! Players in our 15s-18s age group may not make a team. If you don't make a team, you will be placed as an Alternate and notified if a team spot opens up.

How will I be evaluated at tryouts?  

It is important to note that tryouts are not run the same as training sessions. We will not be teaching any volleyball techniques; only evaluating skills, overall athletic ability, and attitude. If you are not confident in a certain skill, it is important to always try your best. We are evaluating general athletic ability as well as the potential to be a good teammate. Near the end of tryouts, we may place athletes on a court together for more match-like situations. Athletes may be grouped together for a variety of reasons, not limited to strictly volleyball skills. These groups are not necessarily an indication of who will receive offers to join the club.

How do I know if I made a team?  

After the tryout session has completed, those that are offered a team spot will receive an email within 24 hours and will have a deadline to complete team registration to keep their team spot. Athletes placed on the Alternate list will receive an email indicating such. ALL ATHLETES WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL! If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please email

What does it mean if I am placed on the Alternate list?  

Being placed on the Alternate list means you did not make a team at this time. However, it doesn't mean that you won't be offered a spot on a team! Some athletes attend multiple tryouts and receive multiple offers. When this happens, they have to decline one or more of their offers. Clubs will then begin making new offers from athletes on their Alternate list. If a spot becomes available, we will contact you via email as soon as possible. If you choose to accept an offer from another club, it will make you ineligible to receive any offers from Mountain Peak Volleyball.

Is there a chance of moving up to a "higher" team than the team I was offered at tryouts?  

Yes. Typically movements occur when players choose to not play. When this happens, we begin pulling people up to fill the open spots. We may also host a makeup tryout in the fall that may also fill some spots if still available. When, and if, a spot becomes available we will reach out as soon as possible to begin the movement process. Teams can take up to 2-3 weeks to finalize.

When will we know who our coach is?  

The administration will be meeting the week after tryouts to finalize our coaching assignments. We will announce those and post them as soon as possible. Our goal is to place the right coach with the teams so that we can have the best experience possible. Some of our National Teams may have their coach announced when we send out the team invite, but this is not always the case.

I have questions after tryouts, who can I talk to in person?  

We are on a very tight schedule to complete tryout evaluations and form teams. We understand you will have questions, but unfortunately, we will be unable to answer them immediately in person. Please visit our website at for more information. If you can't find the answer to your question there, please email or


How many players are on a team?  

The average number of players on a team is 10. We have found this number is ideal for a number of reasons. However, some teams have been known to have as few as 8 or up to 11 depending on the team circumstances.

How do I know how much each team costs and what their schedule is?  

You can learn more about each team on our Girl's Club Information page. We will also update the website to include more specific information by team as soon as possible.

What is the club dues payment schedule?  

A deposit is due upon accepting your team offer. This varies based on the team division and age. The deposit will include your down payment and gear package.

Can my daughter play a winter or spring sport?  

Yes! Many of our athletes are multi-sport athletes. The key is COMMUNICATION! We ask you to communicate with our coaches and staff of any potential conflicts as soon as you are aware of them. This allows us to place players on teams that will be a good fit for your schedule, as well as help remedy any scheduling conflicts.

When do teams practice?  

MPV takes into consideration the practice schedule of the teams assigned coaches when forming schedules. We will post the schedules as quickly as possible once teams are formed so you can plan accordingly. 




How many days are the tournaments?

Tournaments will range from 1-3 days. Elite and Academy Team division teams play in mostly 1-day tournaments. National division teams will play in 1-3 day tournaments, which often require travel and hotel stays.


How long is a typical day for a 1-day tournament?  

1-day tournaments typically start around 8-9am and end around 5-6pm. Teams will participate in "pool play" which ususally consists of 3 matches to determine the seeding for tournament play. Once pool play is complete (typically around 1-2pm), tournament play will begin. Depending on the total number of teams participating in the tournament, the team could play an additional 1-3 matches to determine the tournament finishes.


How long is a typical day for a 2-day tournament?  

Day one of a two-day tournament typically start around 4 PM and consists of pool play and potential crossover matches to determine seeding for tournament play. This schedule is typically announced about a week before the tournament begins. Day two is typically another day of pool (based on day one finish) followed by tournament play. Start time for day two will be around 8-9 AM. You typically play 3 pool play matches on day two, and then bracket play which will be play until you lose.


How long is a typical day for a 3-day tournament?

Day one and two of a three-day tournament consist of pool play and potential crossover matches to determine seeding for tournament play. There are typically morning and afternoon "waves" of play on day one and two. This schedule is announced about a week before the tournament begins. Day three is tournament play! You'll be assigned your start time after day two is complete. You typically play 1-3 matches on day two, play until you lose.


Do I need to go to all tournaments with my daughter? 

Attending the tournaments is a preference and availability of the parents; however, we must have an adult responsible for each player at all times.


Do the teams travel to tournaments together?

Travel to and from the tournament is up to the parents to organize what is best for their family. We do try to schedule multiple teams at the same tournament. Some club members like to carpool or schedule the same flights, but it is not required. For most multi-day tournaments that are over 4 hours driving distance, all players are required to arrive the night before the tournament. If choosing to fly or drive, please consider this arrival time when planning.


How do we book flights?

Booking flights to tournaments is at the sole discretion of the parents. We do not require our players to travel to tournaments a specific way. We would suggest only booking flights that are refundable, or likewise. Tournaments can be cancelled or changed. For most multi-day tournaments that are over 4 hours driving distance, all players are required to arrive the night before the tournament. If choosing to fly or drive, please consider this arrival time when planning.


When should we arrive to tournaments?

Arrival times will be communicated with the team each week of their tournament. Typically, arrival to the gym is one hour prior to the first match of the day. For most multi-day tournaments that are over 4 hours driving distance, all players are required to arrive the night before the tournament.


Do all tournaments require hotel stays?

No. Most one-day tournaments are driveable in the same day. If parents choose to stay at a hotel for those tournaments, they are free to schedule that themselves. For national teams at Stay-and-Play multi-day tournaments, the Team Parent will reserve a room block at a hotel for each player's family. Parent representatives will send out booking links to the team as soon as those are available.


My relative lives in the city we're traveling to. Can we stay with them instead of the hotel?

If you would like to use hotel points or stay with a relative, you may email us for more information. Some tournaments require teams to stay in the hotel assigned to the team in order to play in the tournament. In these cases, we will have to make sure our minimum number of hotel nights has been met before granting exceptions.


How do we book the Stay-and-Play hotels?

Hotel booking links will be provided by your parent representative as soon as those are available. You will have a few days to add your name to the rooming list by following the instructions provided. Most booking links do not require payment at booking; however, you may have a small reservation or transaction fee.


What is included in the uniform packages?

The uniform package varies by team. Included in all gear packages are practice shirts, 1-2 jerseys (we typically re-use 1-2 jerseys per season, so if you don't have these, you will need to purchase them separately), black and green spandex, and shorts.

Can any items from last season be reused this season?

The following items may be reused from the 2023-2024 season:

     Elite & National Teams

  • White Nike Jersey

What additional items do the athletes need that aren't included in the uniform package?

If your athlete needs knee pads, socks, additional spandex, an MPV backpack, additional cover-up shorts, etc., you may buy those on our online gear store or at our Concessions located inside Mtn Peak Volleyball.

What shirts do athletes wear to practice?

All players will need to wear the MPV practice shirts that they receive in their uniform package for every practice for the season. If a practice shirt is forgotten, they will be required to wear a tryout shirt at that practice and bring it back washed and clean the next day.

If I am on a team that does not receive the warm-up jacket, can I order the same jacket as the teams that do?

Yes, the same jacket can be ordered through our team store or at our Concessions located at MPV. 

Are there MPV items that parents/families can wear?

Yes! MPV gear can be ordered through our team store or at our Concessions located at MPV.

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