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Join Mountain Peak Volleyball and Logan City in our 2024 Summer Series! Find the 2024 Outdoor schedule and registration information for each event below.
Each event is for adults, youth, or both. Please note the format, location, and age divisions for each event.
Adult Events
All events (except July 20/24 KOB & QOB) will be played on grass. Points will be accrued based on results of each adult women's/men's tournament. Ties will be broken by highest tournament finish or coed tournament results if highest tournament finish does not have a clear winner. The top five ranked female and male players will be invited to participate in the Queen and King of the Beach event on July 24. The top five ranked female (age 30+) and male (age 35+) players will be invited to play in the Master's Queen and King of the Beach on July 20. The Queen & King of the Beach events will have cash prizes for the winning athletes.

Youth Events
Each event will be split into three different divisions: U12, Intermediate (U13-U15), and Advanced (U15-U16). Boys age 15+ will play in a separate division or in the Men's B division if there are fewer than four teams with at least one male partner age 15-17. Girls that are entering their senior year will play in the Women's B division. Athletes can sign up for our outdoor training program by clicking here



  • June 8 - Spring Thaw Tournament (Doubles)*   >> REGISTER HERE

  • June 29 - Beat the Heat Tournament (Doubles)*  >> REGISTER HERE

  • July 19 - Midnight Madness Coed Tournament (Doubles)*  >> REGISTER HERE

  • July 20 - Youth Finale Tournament (Youth Doubles)*   >> REGISTER HERE

  • July 24 - Logan City 24th of July Tournament   >> REGISTER HERE

  • August 3 - Spike It Like It's Hot Reverse Coed Tournament (Doubles)  >> REGISTER HERE

    *Points earned count towards 2024 King/Queen & Prince/Princess of the Beach

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