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HOME LIFE: Izabella VanderToolen goes by Izzy, even though her mother very much dislikes it. She grew up in Clearfield, UT. She has two brothers, both younger, so she gets spoiled being the only girl. When she has free time she enjoys going to the gym, hanging with family/friends, and most importantly playing volleyball. She is known for being the sassiest player on the court.

EDUCATION: Izzy is currently at her second year at USU, studying Biological Engineering with minors in Psychology and Biology. She, at a young age, has fallen in love with the idea of becoming a doctor and helping others. Upon graduating USU, she then will attend medical school.


VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Izzy started to play volleyball in 7th grade and has fallen head over heals for it. She played at Syracuse High School which went to state twice while she was playing. In college, she couldn't bear not playing volleyball, so at every opportunity she played. This led her to play on the USU Women's club volleyball team. She is so excited to start coaching and to play for the upcoming seasons.

COACHING CAREER: Izzy had an amazing opportunity to start coaching her senior year of high school. She coached the age group of 10-12 year olds. Her girls went to 4 finals and placed in 3, with 2 golds and 1 silver. She has missed coaching and is overjoyed to start again. She is starting her third year with Mtn Peak.

WHY I COACH: "The main reason why I coach is because I loves it and the relationships that grew with the girls because of it. I also readily enjoy seeing the growth of the players from start to finish, and the amount of determination that the players put forth."

VOLLEYBALL IDOL: Her volleyball idol, or idols in this case, would be her coaches throughout the year. Rylee Gaver, Laural, and Jamie Ducker - these coaches have made the biggest impact on the court as well as off of the court. What all these coaches have in common is the motivation, the determination, confidence in their players, the ability to keep their cool, and most importantly the make of the team. What these coaches have done for Izzy is what she intends to use in her own coaching style.

FAVORITE QUOTE: " Victory always starts in the head. It's a state of mind. It then spreads with such radiant and such affirmation that destiny can do nothing but obey." - Douchan Gerdi

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