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HOME LIFE: Born and raised in a small town in Idaho. Moved to Cache Valley in 2014. Some of my hobbies include playing volleyball, watching volleyball, and talking about volleyball. Aside from volleyball, I love riding horse and roping with my dad, hiking/running, and spending time with family/friends.

EDUCATION: Graduated from South Fremont High School. Completed BTC from Bridgerland Technical College in 2015. 
VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Started playing volleyball at the age of 16. Never had the option to play in high school but was at the church playing every free second with buddies. Traveled around and played in tournaments in idaho and Utah. 

COACHING CAREER: Assistant coach for South Fremont High School for 3 years.

WHY I COACH: My mom was a high school volleyball coach for 13 years. I loved going to her practices and listening to her coach the girls. I have always wanted to coach and be involved with the sport just like my mom was. All of my free time is spent following collegiate volleyball and keeping up on the top schools. The game of volleyball is always changing and I want to be apart of that change and give back the love I have for the game.

VOLLEYBALL IDOL: 2 x Olympic medalist, Kelsey Robinson

FAVORITE QUOTE: "the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but by building the new" - Socrates


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