Jessica Packer

Mountain Peak Assistant Coach

One Year Coaching Experience

HOME LIFE: Jessica grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The big city for those of you who know Idaho. Jessica came to Logan after she graduated for school and shortly after went down to Tucson, Arizona where she served as an LDS missionary for 18 months. She came home in July 2017 and came back to Logan last fall.

EDUCATION: Jessica is currently attending Utah State University and studying exercise science.


VOLLEYBALL CAREER: After her mother told her at the age of ten that she couldn’t play on her brothers flag football team, Jess decided to try a new sport and fell in love with volleyball. Jess played club with the Idaho Falls Juniors and played varsity at Idaho Falls High school where he team took state her senior year. Jess is currently enjoying the club volleyball program at Utah State and any rec games that come her way.

COACHING CAREER: Jess spent many days in the backyard with her little sister practicing volleyball and then when her sister was old enough, Jess became the coach of the small third grade team. Jess coached that team for two years before leaving home. She is now excited to assistant coach on of the teams at Mtn Peak.

WHY I COACH: "I coach because love helping others develop the same love of the sport that I have. I love seeing the girls improve or achieve a goal. Volleyball helped me learn to be persistent and to never give up. I hope to help girls learn that as well."

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Don’t let the ball hit the ground without a body hitting the ground with it.”


725 W 1940 S

Logan, UT 84321





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