Josh Carlisle

Mountain Peak 13 Elite Coach

Ridgeline Freshman Coach

2 Years Coaching Experience

HOME LIFE: Josh was born and raised in Utah, living most of his life in a small central Utah town called Gunnsion. He grew up with a large family: 1 girl and 6 boys. Being the oldest brother, Josh enjoyed playing backyard and competitive sports with his brothers. He played football, basketball and soccer for Gunnison Valley High School. After Josh moved up to Logan, he met his wife Ashley playing volleyball. Whenever Josh isn't coaching or playing sports, he loves to play board games and spend time with his family. Josh loves anything that's fun and competitive.  

EDUCATION: Currently, Josh is finishing up his last year of studies at Utah State University.  Upon graduation, Josh plans to find a career that allows him to coach simultaneously.  "My ideal job would be to use math and data to help teams and athletes perform at a higher level.  Brad Stevens, head coach of the Boston Celtics, does this very well and became one of the youngest NBA coaches of all time.  If my career was to use data analytics to help good players become champions, I would die a happy man."

VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Although Josh did not have the chance to play competitive volleyball in high school, he plays every chance he can get.  Growing up, the nearest boy's volleyball team was an hour and a half away (in Utah County)  Josh tried to convince his mom to let him move to Grandma's house so he could play, but his mom said she would miss him too much (Awe, cute).  Josh and his friends got together and tried to start boy's volleyball in central Utah, but they were unsuccessful.  He still enjoyed playing pickup with his friends, summer tournaments with his family, and helping his mom at the high school practices.  


COACHING CAREER: The first time Josh was asked to coach was when he was a Junior in high school. He fell in love with coaching and it is now his main hobby. Josh has coached multiple sports but says volleyball is his favorite. He is excited to come back to Mtn Peak for his second year.  

WHY I COACH: "I LOVE COACHING.  Honestly, it consumes my thoughts. When my mind starts to wander, more often than not it will drift towards coaching. I was a bit embarrassed when I read all my school notes from last year and realized I wrote just as many school notes as I did sports notes. My notebooks are filled with rotations, drills, and thoughts about the girls to help them improve. I should probably focus more on my school work, but volleyball is my passion. When I am not in school, I will often watch YouTube videos on volleyball drills and technique. I love coaching volleyball. Plus, I get to coach with my awesome wife Ashley. She is very smart and is such a good coach. I am very lucky to be able to coach along side Ashley."

VOLLEYBALL IDOL: Casey Patterson

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Placement over power..." (Ask my volleyball girls, I say it probably 20 times a practice.) According to my wife, I say "Volleyball is all about..." and then I complete it with something different every time.




725 W 1940 S

Logan, UT 84321





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