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HOME LIFE: Kassi grew up on a little farm in Benson. She has one older brother, two older sisters, and a little brother. Growing up Kassi enjoyed riding four wheelers, being outside, and playing any and all sports with her siblings, especially volleyball. She has been married a little over a year to her best friend McCoy! They enjoy hunting, being outside, and being with their families. 

EDUCATION: Kassi graduated from Sky View High School in 2016. After that, she received two Associates degrees from Central Wyoming College. She is currently attending Utah State University, studying PE/Health teaching with a minor in Family and Human Development. Kassi loves coaching and being in the high school environment. She hopes to become a teacher and continue coaching but she's most excited to become a mom someday!


VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Kassi started playing volleyball in 5th grade and quickly fell in love. She played throughout high school and then played 2 more years at Central Wyoming College as a DS/Libero. Her second year she was named captain and loved leading her team. She realized that she wanted to keep volleyball in her life and coaching helps her do that. Today, she still plays in tournaments at Mountain Peak and tries to play as much as she can.

COACHING CAREER: Kassi started coaching the fall of 2019. She is currently in her second year of being the Sophomore coach at Sky View. She has also coached the fall league at Mtn Peak and assisted a club team last year. 

WHY I COACH: "I coach for a few reasons. First, because I love volleyball and I want to share my passion with others. Next, I want to be the coach that I never had. I've had many coaches good and bad throughout my years and from them I've learned what not to do and what to do. I want young athletes to have a better experience than I had during my volleyball career and to reach their maximum potential. Last, I want athletes to learn how to work hard and prepare for their future. I want them to learn what they're passionate about through their experience of playing a sport, being on a team, and working hard. Being good at something takes a lot of work and time, and I hope athletes can learn this at a young age. Mainly, I hope my athletes know how much I care about them and believe in them to succeed. All I needed was one coach to believe in me and I hope I can be that coach for someone else."


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