Come fight for the title of King or Queen of the Mountain! Register for the tournament as an individual and be combined with other individuals to play 4v4. You will play many games and keep your points scored and points scored against you. The player with the most points scored at the end of the tournament will be crowned the champion. If there is a tie, the player with the least points scored against them will be deemed the winner. One court will be Men's (King of the Mountain) and one court will be Women's (Queen of the Mountain).

Winners will receive:

20% of the total entry fees as a cash prize ($60 with full entry).

King/Queen of the Mountain t-shirt.

The title, the glory, the fame.


After completing the registration form, you will need to complete payment in order to finalize registration. You can also pay at check-in the morning of the tournament, but registration MUST be completed online by the registration deadline. The tournament is limited to the first 12 men and 12 women to sign up. See you on the court!


Friday, February 10 @ 7 PM

(check in @ 6:30 PM)


Tournaments will take place at our south Mtn Peak volleyball facility.