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Madi Forsythe

Mountain Peak Skills Coach

3 Years Coaching Experience

HOME LIFE: Born and raised in Bountiful, Utah, Madi has two older brothers and one younger sister (who plays volleyball for Utah State). She met her husband at Snow College where they were both playing sports and they were married in 2014. They lived in Cedar City, and then moved up to Logan so her husband could play football for USU and never left! They have one little girl, Avery, who is almost 2 and has already been to more volleyball practices and games than most people do in their whole lives! She loves it. Madi currently teaches Special Education at Wellsville Elementary.

EDUCATION & VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Madi graduated from Bountiful High School. She then received a scholarship to play at Snow College where she was NJCAA National Player of the week, 1st team all conference, and an NJCAA 1st Team All American. She graduated with her associates degree. She then transferred to Southern Utah University where her senior year she was named 1st team all conference for the Big Sky.  She still enjoys playing whenever she gets the chance! Even if she’s a bit rustier than before;) Madi graduated from SUU Cum Laude with degrees in Physical Education teaching/coaching and Special Education. 

COACHING CAREER: After coaching several camps through college, Madi moved up to Cache Valley where she coached for Mtn West and Logan High School. She then coached at Mtn Peak and finally the JV team at Ridgeline High School. Madi continues to love coaching and does private lessons and skills camps. 

WHY I COACH: "I coach because I have a passion for it like nothing else. I’ve had coaches that have literally changed my life for the better, and I hope to be able to do that to at least one athlete. I love seeing athletes grow both on the court, as well as off. I hope to foster that love for volleyball and how special it is to play a sport with a team. There’s nothing else like it!"


VOLLEYBALL IDOL: Kerry Walsh Jennings, Logan Tom

FAVORITE QUOTE: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” 

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