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HOME LIFE: Maja Armajo is a local native of Cache Valley. She grew up in the boonies of Cornish, UT where there are more cows than people. Baby to 6, 4 brothers and 1 sister. She met her husband Kasey Armajo while playing volleyball for Central Wyoming College and dragged him back to Utah. Don’t worry, he loves it here now. They were married in 2010 and have three little girls, Alivia 8, Addison 6, and Macie 4. All of which have already taken a liking to her first love, volleyball.

EDUCATION: Maja graduated from Central Wyoming College with a general Associates degree, then later finished her Bachelors in Exercise Science and a minor in Human Development from USU. She has always had a passion for athletic performance training, coaching and sports nutrition. She is Level 3 certified trainer with Athletic Republic where she trains athletes and adults daily, as well as Nutrition coaching.

VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Maja first stepped on a volleyball court at freshman year tryouts and was kept merely for her height! After her first season she jumped into club at Mtn West and never looked back. She played for Sky View High School and was known to have the toughest topspin jump serve in the region and led her team second in kills. She went on to play for Central Wyoming College.


COACHING CAREER: Maja has been coaching on and off for the last 10 years for Cache Valley Volleyball Club, Mtn West Volleyball Club, North Peak Volleyball Club and Mtn Peak Volleyball.

WHY I COACH: "I love building relationships with athletes and helping them progress mentally and physically. The greatest thing is to watch an athlete slowly change. It's not just getting better in skill, but in mindset, confidence, physical strength and mental strength."

VOLLEYBALL IDOL: Kerri Walsh Jennings

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Without struggle there is no progress"


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