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Cache Valley: United Together

Athletes from all over northern Utah come together to combine our talents and form the most competitive teams.

MP Power & Agility

We are so excited for our new training center located on our upper mezzanine. This season, every team will have the opportunity to have training included during a portion of their season. Athletes will also have the option to add additional training throughout the club season and the rest of the year. Head trainer Mike Tupola will be meeting with each team during the parent meetings to go over schedules and information.

Directors Rotation

Four of our club season directors/board members will be rotating each week to spend time with each of our club teams. These directors will be able to work with each athlete and coach to maximize development and learning opportunities. These directors are Dixie Loveless, Denae Pruden, Jaicee Roden, and Grayson DuBose.

Skills Clinic Format

Skills Clinics will be formatted similar to semi-private lessons. Each court will offer a different position focus (Setters, Middles, Pin Hitters, Liberos) and training will be specific to that position on the assigned court each week. Our Elite coaches will head each court so all of our athletes have an opportunity to work with our most experienced coaching staff. Additionally, we will be offering 2-3 different time slots based on athlete level to keep groups smaller and facilitate higher-quality learning.

Travel Opportunities for National Teams

Athletes who make our National teams will have the opportunity to attend national travel tournaments to compete at a national level on a national stage against teams from (you guessed it) all over the nation. These teams will represent Cache Valley and be able to showcase their talents for recruiting purposes to play at a collegiate level.

PEAK Training for All Premier & Elite Teams

Our mindset training sets our program apart from others. Each of our Premier, Elite, and National teams will have weekly mindset training to help them learn to respond to adversity and failure in a way that will help them grow and develop. Volleyball is a mental game that requires mental training in order to compete at an elite level.

More Local Events

Through our PEAK Performance Center, we are able to host events throughout the entire year. This is especially great during the club season so our teams aren't required to travel to SLC, Provo, Park City, etc. each weekend. We are excited to host even more events this season as we continue to provide some tournaments close to home. Additional tournaments also increase our Work to Play opportunities, which gives athletes an opportunity to work to pay off a portion of their club dues each season.

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