Mountain Peak Volleyball provides athletes with high quality programming to pursue volleyball excellence. Our players are taught the importance of fostering a Growth Mindset and developing teamwork and communication skills with the ultimate goal of excelling both on and off the volleyball court (both now and in their future endeavors). Our highly trained coaches embrace the challenge of developing their athletes physically and mentally and strive to teach our PEAK values of Perseverance, Energy, Attitude, and Knowledge. Our Mountain Peak Family aims to have a positive impact on each and every member of our club.







"I love watching you play." Remember that you are the parent and the coach is the coach. Your child needs encouragement and wants to please you. We expect parents to be encouraging towards their athletes and to help reinforce our core values and teachings. If a parent has a concern, he/she is expected to follow the correct channels in order to resolve the concern while continuing to exhibit positive, supportive behavior to their athlete and team. 


Parents should respect the team, coach, our facilities, officials, and other teams. We support cheering FOR our teams and NOT against other teams. Rude, unsportsmanlike behavior will not be permitted (even and especially when the other team is exhibiting this sort of behavior). Remember that we are setting an example for these young athletes with our words and actions.


In any competitive sport it is possible that at some point parents may be frustrated about something throughout the course of the season in regards to playing time and position placement. Concerns should be discussed with the involved coach after a 24 hour cooling off period. It is not appropriate to make sure everyone nearby hears about all of the frustrations that one has had involving your athlete, the team, or the coach. When the circle stays small, the problem can stay small so the resolution process can be accomplished without regrets and hurt feelings.


We encourage communication between parents, coaches, and directors. Parents should feel welcome to get to know their athlete's coach and the club directors. If you know your athlete will be unable to attend a practice or competition, we expect you to ensure your athlete has informed the coach in a timely manner. For very young athletes, parents are encouraged to be the primary communicator regarding absences.


When there are concerns regarding playing time, position placement, etc., the resolution process should be followed. Mountain Peak Volleyball strongly discourages the use of text messaging when conflict occurs. Instead, a meeting should be set up where the two parties can interact face-to-face whenever possible.