Mountain Peak Volleyball provides athletes with high quality programming to pursue volleyball excellence. Our players are taught the importance of fostering a Growth Mindset and developing teamwork and communication skills with the ultimate goal of excelling both on and off the volleyball court (both now and in their future endeavors). Our highly trained coaches embrace the challenge of developing their athletes physically and mentally and strive to teach our PEAK values of Perseverance, Energy, Attitude, and Knowledge. Our Mountain Peak Family aims to have a positive impact on each and every member of our club.







Our core values are taught throughout the year and we acknowledge athletes demonstrating those qualities. Mountain Peak athletes are expected to persevere through adversity, exhibit positive energy towards themselves, their teammates, and their coaches, demonstrate a good attitude at practices and matches, and embrace the learning process so their knowledge of the game can increase.

We teach our athletes what it means to have a growth mindset and how a growth mindset will improve their ability to learn and enjoy the learning process. Understanding how learning works and the role failure plays in developing are important to each athlete's progress. We expect athletes to get out of their comfort zones and develop a belief in themselves that skills are built, not born, and are theirs if they earn them.


Learning to be held accountable for commitments an athlete has made is an essential lifelong skill that will greatly benefit him/her in the future.  We expect athletes to attend all practices and tournaments throughout the season. However, we do understand when conflict arises; early and clear communication with coaches is important when this occurs. Multi-sport athletes are greatly supported in our club and should give their coach any scheduling conflicts related to other sports/activities. Tardiness or missing practice because an athlete "forgot" or "didn't feel like it" are unacceptable.


Verbal and non-verbal communication is essential to developing a relationship with a coach. Mountain Peak athletes are expected to communicate with their coaches throughout the season.  Verbally, if they expect to miss a practice they will need to inform the coach as soon as they become aware of the conflict. Additionally, if an athlete has a concern about playing time decisions, he/she is expected to set up a time to discuss these concerns with his/her coach. Non-verbally, athletes are expected to make eye contact with their coach when they are interacting and respond accordingly.