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Vertical Training and Volleyball Conditioning: 

  • May 6-30

  • June 3-27

  • July 1-August 1


In this program, each athlete will go through landing stabilization training. Our knees, feet and ankles go through an increased amount of pressure due to the impact on landing and directional change.  Athletes will undergo strength training. In the strength training phase, each athlete will be taught how to produce power from a stagnant phase and how to produce power already in motion. Strength training helps; injury prevention, physical development, recovering more effectively, improves power generation, increases bone density and so much more. We also train fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. Fast-twitch fibers are specifically attributed to our ability to produce power, whereas slow twitch fibers attribute to our ability to not become fatigued during performance.


In the last two years of program development, we have been able to pinpoint which exercises create the highest desired results. Of the 100+ athletes that have participated in our small group vertical training programs, the average increase in one month is 1.81inches. Vertical increases ranging from 1-4 inches in a one month span. The athletes who have wanted to increase speed and agility, in one month, have more than doubled our platework speed; meaning they are responding faster. 

Decision Response Training: This training allows the athlete to make quick decisions while in movement. This has been one of our most sought after add-ons. Athletes undergo reaction based training while solving mental puzzles. This is for the athlete that struggles to make quick decisions while on that court.

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