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Having our own facility creates incredible opportunities for our athletes and our community.  We run over 15 tournaments each season, and the economic impact from visitors staying in hotels, eating at restaurants, and supporting other aspects of our valley is substantial.

Our facility allows our program the ability to provide our volleyball community with MORE. More training, more competing, more opportunity.


Because we have our own building, we are able to work with different athletes' schedules more effectively, especially multi-sport athletes. Each team's schedule will remain consistent for the entirety of the season with the exception of events like arranging a scrimmage or working around a major schedule disruption that affects a significant portion of the team. We are also able to put teams at similar skill levels together for 6v6 practices to facilitate more competitive play.


We are continually increasing our number of training tools and equipment to create a better learning environment for our athletes. Our equipment provides coaches with opportunities to help accelerate an athlete's learning and development.


Our facility is all-volleyball all-year-long. In addition to the regular club season, we offer fall leagues, Academy, clinics, summer camps, outdoor training, specialized clinics, scrimmages, private lessons, and more. We also provide adult leagues and tournaments for our adult volleyball community. We are always working to improve current programs and add programs that will bring value to our ever-growing volleyball community.


We host tournaments nearly every weekend during club season. Before we built our facility, there were no opportunities to compete in our area at all during the year. We have the pleasure of hosting teams from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and have even seen teams from Colorado and Washington at our events. We love that parents can come watch their athlete compete close to home! Additionally, we are able to support our local restaurants and hotels as we have had as many as 48 teams competing at our events in one weekend.


This is one of the most amazing benefits of having our own building and hosting tournaments. We are able to provide athletes with opportunities to work and pay off a portion of their club dues. This is especially focused towards low-income families who must have this assistance in order to participate each year, but we also offer opportunities to every Mtn Peak athlete that will work hard and do their best. Each season, our Work to Play program has assisted with over $10,000 of athlete fees.


Throughout the club season we offer a 3rd practice opportunity on most Fridays where athletes can come train for an hour on a specific skill or position. These practices are optional and open to all Mtn Peak athletes at no extra cost.

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