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How Points Are Awarded:

  • First place players receive as many points as there are teams in the tournament, plus a bonus of 50% of the points available (rounding up). For example, if there are 12 teams in the men's division, the winning team would receive 12+6 pts, for a total of 18 pts.

  • Second place players receive as many points as there are teams in the tournament, minus 2

  • Third place players receive 2nd place points minus 3

  • Fourth place players receive 3rd place points minus 4

  • Fifth place players receive 4th place points minus 5 etc

  • Scoring continues until the number of points received equals 0


Coed points will be awarded in a modified format. Points awarded will be a much lower percentage than the men's/women's events, due to the format of King & Queen of the Beach being men's/women's.  Points for coed will be explained during the "A" division check-in. 


Only teams competing in the "A" division will earn points towards the regular King/Queen of the Beach rankings. All athletes qualifying for the Master's Division (age 30+ in women's, age 35+ in men's) will receive points based on final ranking at each tournaments. Points earned in the "A" division will be higher than points in the "B" division when determining final ranking.

The top scoring 5 men and 5 women will be invited to participate in the King/Queen of the Beach and Master's King/Queen of the Beach Tournaments on July 22/23.


Players must advance to the next highest division after his/her FIRST win in any division: Novice, B, and A. This applies to Men's, Women's, and Coed tournaments. Once a player earns points in a division, they may not play in a lower division for the remainder of that season. A player may be allowed to play in a lower division than that required by these rules, but that player’s team will not be allowed to advance out of pool play. 

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