How Points Are Awarded:

  • First place players receive as many points as there are teams in the tournament, plus a bonus of 50% of the points available (rounding up). For example, if there are 12 teams in the men's division, the winning team would receive 12+6 pts, for a total of 18 pts.

  • Second place players receive as many points as there are teams in the tournament, minus 2

  • Third place players receive 2nd place points minus 3

  • Fourth place players receive 3rd place points minus 4

  • Fifth place players receive 4th place points minus 5 etc

  • Scoring continues until the number of points received equals 0

Only teams competing in the "A" division will earn points towards King/Queen of the Beach rankings. A separate ranking system will take place for all athletes 35+ to determine qualifications for King/Queen of the Beach; however, these players will compete in the regular tournament season with all adult athletes in A, B, or Novice Divisions.

The top scoring 5 men and 5 women will be invited to participate in the King/Queen of the Beach Tournament on July 23/24.


**UPDATE** Top finishers in coed events will receive points in a similar fashion as listed above, except points will be divided by two due to the team being coed. 


Players must advance to the next highest division after his/her FIRST win in any division: Novice, B, and A. This applies to Men's, Women's, and Coed tournaments. Once a player earns points in a division, they may not play in a lower division for the remainder of that season. A player may be allowed to play in a lower division than that required by these rules, but that player’s team will not be allowed to advance out of pool play.