My Journey on Becoming a Collegiate Athlete

October 23, 2015


My whole life I grew up playing sports.


My family was very poor and so as I got into high school I had to work while also trying to do my studies and practice.  On top of that, my home life was very unstable.  I saw things no child should have to see.  I walked home from practice. I got myself up early to get to morning practices. I knew I wanted to compete in college and the only way I could do that was on a scholarship. I guess that's why I worked so hard to be a good kid with goals in mind. I also knew I didn't want the lifestyle I had to grow up with.


I had wonderful grandparents who were at every game and also helped me tremendously. I had a wonderful friend who I eventually moved in with.  I beat out older classmates for a varsity position which was hard because many of them were mean to me because of this. However, I was blessed with teammates that were great to me and I made wonderful friends. They saw how hard I worked and that I was able to be silly and have a good time while still working hard.


Even though I had to deal with tough trials and overcome a lot of adversity, I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything. It's what made me the person I am today! Playing all these different sports was great for me because I was always changing it up. When the next sport came around I was ready and excited to play. I never felt spread too thin or burnt out and I never got sick of any sport.


I loved playing sports and had collegiate offers for volleyball, basketball, and softball. I chose volleyball because it was my favorite. I truly feel if you really want something, you have to work hard and have a good attitude. Nothing comes easy.



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