Tiffany Robbins

Mountain Peak Premier Coach

First Year Coach

HOME LIFE: Tiffany grew up in Tooele County with five siblings (2 sisters and 3 brothers.) They grew up being around all kinds of sports; soccer, basketball, gymnastics, riding dirt bikes, boating and so much more. She finally found her sport, volleyball, when she was in 8th grade. After playing all 4 years in high school, she went to Salt Lake Community College for volleyball and within the first couple of weeks of practice, she received a full ride scholarship.

When her brother finished his mission he told her to email an Elder that was still out on his mission. Long story short, he came to one of her games when he returned home and they hit it off since then. They were married on June 3, 2017. They are now going to Utah State University and can’t wait for the Aggie experience! 

EDUCATION: Tiffany graduated from Salt Lake Community College with an Associates of Applied Science. She is currently going to Utah State University for Communications and Graphic Design. 


VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Tiffany started playing volleyball when her friends invited her to one of their club practices. The coach welcomed her right in and actually did some one on one coaching with her. She loved it from that point! She played all 4 years of high school, and during that time they had 3 different Varsity Coaches. Each coach taught her something different which helped her to continue her volleyball career at Salt Lake Community College. She came to SLCC as a walk-on but within the first couple of weeks she earned a full-ride scholarship. Her team finished her sophomore year going to Nationals and working their tails off! They finished the season being 5th in the Nation! 

WHY I COACH: "The coaches in my life made a huge impact on me. They taught me life skills that I use every day; being independent, accountable, working hard and enjoying every moment. I found myself while I was playing volleyball. I want to be that mentor to other players. I want to give back to a sport that did so much for me."




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