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HOME LIFE: Victoria grew up in Smithfield, Ut as the oldest of 5. Three girls and one boy whom we often lovingly tease “he was lucky and actually had 5 moms growing up when most people only have one”. Victoria’s family grew up playing a lot of sports, starting with rec soccer when she was 5 and later in basketball and all the other siblings followed. She remembers long car rides and games almost every other day between her and her sisters leagues and tournaments in SLC. She actually loathes fast food. A little because she’s had it too often,But truly loathes fast food because she distinctly remembers their car permanently smelling of it from all the times they’d have to travel and eat in the car to get where they were going. To this day she will ALWAYS choose Zupas or Costa Vida over your typical burgers and chicken nuggets. She currently works as a Paraprofessional at Mtn Crest High School and LOVES working with those kids every day. 

EDUCATION: Victoria graduated high school from Sky View then spent a couple years at Snow College. Since then she attends workshops for things like volleyball and floriculture, and enjoys just learning new things. Most recently she had some time (COVID-19) and decided to learn how to Footzone.

VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Victoria tried volleyball when she was 10 yrs old because a friend wanted to her to come be on her rec team. She fell for it. It was the beginning of her love for volleyball. Since then she played for Mtn West throughout high school, and at Sky View until she graduated in 2008. While attending Snow college she took a coed volleyball class and loved the challenge of playing with the guys of her class. Since then she tries to play as often as she can or with her sisters when they’re together.


COACHING CAREER: Victoria currently finished her 4th year as the Freshman coach at Sky View High School. She’s also coached at North Peak in 2014 and has coached at Mtn Peak since she returned from her mission in 2016. Her favorite age group to coach is the 14/15’s, but loves being able to coach all ages. Victoria occasionally helps with the summer camps at Mtn Peak and loves the opportunity it provides to meet and help new athletes.

WHY I COACH: I started coaching because I wanted to share things I know now that I wish I would’ve known when I played. I wanted to help the girls the way I wish someone would’ve helped me. Especially the mental side of things. Volleyball is such a mental game and more than being athletic. I believe it starts with being able to separate the training and trusting mindsets then reaching out and helping your teammates. I coach for the girls. I want them to know someone believes in them, and see their limitless potential, providing and helping them reach for the opportunities before then. It is very important to me to have team unity, to be in the moment and to do your best. Your best is good enough because it means you’re growing.

VOLLEYBALL IDOL: Melissa Human-Paredes

FAVORITE QUOTE: "True happiness resides within you. Most people are searching for happiness outside of themselves. That's a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something that you are, and it comes from the way that you think." - Wayne Dyer


"The only limits you have are the limits you believe" --Wayne Dyer


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