There are many options for sports in the Cache Valley and surrounding areas. Mtn Peak Volleyball was created to give athletes an experience that will help develop their character and prepare them to be outstanding individuals when they enter the "real world" (adult life). We offer qualified coaches, full-size courts, and opportunities to compete at their highest level. We are excited to help volleyball athletes improve, compete, meet their goals, develop lifelong lessons, and have fun! Mtn Peak Volleyball works with both the "All-Volleyball" athlete as well as multi-sport athletes. After club tryouts, we sit down with each team to discuss scheduling and tournaments to provide the best possible schedule for each specific team.


We take pride in being transparent and posting season details as early and accurately as possible. We work hard to make it easy on parents by having clear and timely communication from administration and coaches. Our website is constantly updated with current and accurate information. We use LeagueApps to provide coach and team contact information to make communication easier for you.


Qualified Coaches

Having a great coach will have the biggest impact on your young athlete. Working with a coach that has the passion, drive, desire, and experience to help each athlete meet his/her goals is essential for young athletes to improve and grow. Our staff includes collegiate players, international players, and locally-respected high school coaches. As a group, we have some of the top volleyball minds in the valley. Our coaches have a passion and excitement for the game of volleyball and that shows when they coach each athlete. Additionally, our coaches receive coaching training and practice plan assistance during the season to encourage continuous learning and growth for each of our coaches.

Character Development

Mountain Peak Volleyball has a strong focus on developing an athlete's character and life skills. We train our athletes mentally to help the understand how the learning process works, the value of enjoying the journey despite adversity, and how to become a mentally-strong athlete and person. We provide clinics during the season and team PEAK training that has the sole focus of creating stronger minds. We teach our athletes what it means to develop a growth mindset and a Warrior mentality, which helps them to understand the learning process, failure, and the importance of the journey. We are preparing our athletes to be successful in life after volleyball by teaching them crucial life skills through the sport we love.


Volleyball Facility

The PEAK Performance Center, home of Mtn Peak Volleyball, is 20,000 sq ft and holds four full-size volleyball courts. Our ceiling height ranges from 24'-30'. Full-size courts allow athletes the opportunity to compete at a higher level as they work on more advanced skills and pursue balls during play. Having our own facility gives Mtn Peak the opportunity to better work with athletes' schedules, whether they participate in other sports/activities or are traveling from another area. Practice schedules are consistent throughout the season. We are able to provide training equipment and learning tools for coaches and athletes. It also allows athletes to reserve court time to work on individual skills and get more touches. We are able to host tournaments, clinics, leagues, and camps year-round.


Position-Specific Practices

Our Elite and Premier teams will have a third optional position-specific practice where they have the opportunity to work with specialists in their field in one specific area. These practices are essential for athletes to excel, as they will have the opportunity to get feedback and improvement for each specific position in a way that is not possible during a regular practice. These practices are included with club fees and athletes only need to RSVP that they are coming to reserve a spot.


Inter-Club Tournaments

We want to give athletes many opportunities to compete. In addition to their normal tournament schedules, all teams will have the opportunity to compete in our Inter-Club Tournaments in our facility. These are included at no additional cost to the athletes and parents/family are welcome to attend. Teams will be able to compete in a tournament setting against other Mtn Peak teams at a similar level. This is a great opportunity to prepare our teams for regular club season competition.

Work to Play Program

We want to make playing club volleyball possible for every athlete regardless of financial circumstances. Our Work to Play Program gives athletes opportunities to work during local tournaments, clinics, and our Academy program to help pay their club dues. We can also set up special payment plans to keep monthly payments low.

Recruiting Help

We love seeing athletes go on to play at the collegiate level. We are proud to say that every athlete pursuing a collegiate volleyball career has received an offer to continue to the next level from one or more schools. We have relationships with many college coaches and can help you during the recruiting journey. We offer at least one recruiting clinic during the season and have specialists that can help you throughout the process. Additionally, we post player profiles online for our Elite teams so that college coaches can find information on an athlete and be able to contact them.


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is in place to help ensure the club is run at its highest potential and meets the needs of the participating athletes. Decisions are approved by the Board before taking effect in the club. This helps provide unbias and well-thought out decision-making to create the best experience for our club athletes and the community. The Mtn Peak Board is comprised of some of the most qualified and influential volleyball minds in Cache Valley. We are lucky to have such an incredible group of people influencing club volleyball in Logan!