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HOME LIFE: Caden grew up in Nibley, Utah just a few minutes away from the Mnt Peak facility. He has two younger and two older siblings that all love music. Caden is the only member of his family that chose high school sports over acting and singing in plays and musicals. But don’t worry we’re sure you’ll hear him sing once or twice on and off the court. He also enjoys road trips with his wife, Hallie Hansen, and working with his hands.

EDUCATION: Caden graduated from Ridgeline High School and is known for co-founding Ridgeline’s very own boy’s volleyball team. He is a sophomore currently studying in entrepreneurship with nonprofit organizations at Utah State University. He hopes to start up nonprofit organizations building and renovating elementary schools in third world countries.
VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Caden began his volleyball career as a sophomore in high school, however his experience in both baseball and basketball helped him easily transition to the mechanics of volleyball. He started playing club at North Peak (now known as Mtn Peak) and played for Ridgeline’s club team and even for an all-star team with players from all around northern Utah playing in tournaments in California. He plays in tournaments all the time at Mtn Peak and is falling in love with beach volleyball as well.

COACHING CAREER: Caden started coaching the fall of 2020 and fell in love. He loves teaching but most of all he loves to see athletes recognize the growth in themselves with the both mental and physical skills in volleyball. 

WHY I COACH: “I coach because I love the game. There are so many aspects to the game of volleyball that I love and to see athletes figure them out with our help as coaches is so much fun to see! Not only can a great coach help an athlete improve their athletic ability but they can influence their life as a whole. I’ve had coaches that I am still being influenced from in my everyday life. I hope not to be only remembered by athletes for the skills taught this season but for great life skills that can be carried with athletes in all areas of their lives."

VOLLEYBALL IDOL: Ben Patch, Micah Christenson, Erik Shoji

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Over the years, I realized that if I’d done everything possible to prepare myself for matches and tournaments, it took a weight off my shoulders and allowed me to play without fear of losing. When you've done everything you can to train yourself for competition, you'll sleep well when the tournament is over, win or lose" - Karch Kiraly


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