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Below are the winners of our indoor adult league, 2s to 4s, 4v4, and 6v6 tournaments.

Winners receive CHAMPIONS t-shirts and gift cards.

Make sure to register for our next tournament early as space is limited.

BALLER BEBS 2022 Christmas Coed 4v4 Tournament

RICK'S A 2022 December IceBreaker Women's 6v6 Tournament

THE BALD GUY FROM ANNIE 2022 Fall Nighter Coed 4v4 Tournament

YOUR MOM 2022 Ghouls' Night Out Women's 6v6 Tournament

WHITE LOTUS 2022 Fall Fury Men's 6v6 Tournament

SCARED HITLESS 2022 Bout to Get Schooled Coed 6v6 Tournament

OFF OUR ROCKERS 2022 Summer Sizzle Women's 6v6 Tournament

FINAU 2022 Spring Brawl Men's 6v6 Tournament

PUDDLE JUMPERS 2022 Spring Bash Women's 6v6 Tournament

GOLDEN SPIKERDOODLES 2022 St Patty's Day Reverse Coed 4v4 Tournament

POLITICALLY INCORRECT 2022 President's Day Women's 6v6 Tournament

SARAH & NATHAN 2022 Frosty Frenzy 2's to 4's Tournament

FREEZE BALLS 2022 Winter Women's 4v4 Tournament

THE 4 LOCOS 2022 Winter Men's 4v4 Tournament

SPIKOLOGICAL WARFARE 2021 Christmas Coed 4v4 Tournament

FOBS 2021 Women's 6v6 IceBreaker Tournament

BOO CREW 2021 Women's 6v6 Ghouls' Night Out Tournament

NARP 2021 Women's 6v6 Summer Sizzle Tournament

SKY BALLS 2021 Men's 6v6 Spring Brawl Tournament

BIG TIPPERS 2021 Women's 6v6 Spring Bash Tournament

SCARED HITLESS 2021 St Patty's Day Reverse Coed 4v4 Tournament (A Division)

DADDY ISSUES 2021 St Patty's Day Reverse Coed 4v4 Tournament (B Division)

BRYNNLIE & WESLIE 2021 Smack-Down 2's to 4's Tournament (Regular)

JODI & JOHN 2021 Smack-Down 2's to 4's Tournament (Age 35+)

TRUMP'S HAIR FORCE ONE 2021 Women's 6v6 President's Day Tournament

ONE HIT WONDERS 2021 Men's 6v6 Frosty Frenzy

AT LEAST IT'S NOT 2020 2021 Winter Women's 4v4

WAP 2021 Winter Men's 4v4

PIZZA 2020 Christmas Coed 4v4

COCOMOTION 2020 ALL-NIGHTER Christmas Coed 4v4

SALTY 2020 Men's 6v6 Thanksgiving Throwdown

R2Dig2 2020 Coed 4v4 Fall Nighter

Dig This 2020 Women's 6v6 Ghouls Night Out

Bump Set Psych 2020 Women's 6v6 Spring Bash

Digs for Days Spring 4v4 Reverse Coed League

Don't Suck 2020 St. Patty's Day 4v4 Reverse Coed Tournament

Thatium & Brynnly 2020 February 2's to 4's Coed Tournament

The WALL 2020 Women's President's Day 6v6 Tournament

Dixie's Chicks 2020 Winter 4v4 Women's Tournament

Brovo's Most Eligible 2020 Winter 4v4 Men's Tournament

Soda Pop & Cuddles 2019 Christmas Coed 4v4 Tournament

Block & Awe 2019 Fall Nighter Coed Tournament

P-Town 2019 Women's Summer Solstice 6v6 Tournament

P-Town 2019 Women's 6v6 "May"-hem Tournament

Anae-Hilators 2019 Women's Spring Bash 6v6 Tournament

Free Balls 2019 Spring Coed 4v4 Tournament

Kindy Peterson & Eric Rickords 2019 Master's Division 2's to 4's Tournament

Lovely Lady Bumps 2019 Winter Women's 4v4 Tournament

Regulators 2019 Winter Men's 4v4 Tournament

Dive for Dais 2018 Women's President's Day Tournament

Free Balls 2018 Christmas Coed 4v4 Tournament

Bangarang 2018 Fall Nighter Coed 4v4 Tournament

Hot Tamales 2017 Women's Spring 6v6 Tournament

Boo Yah 2018 Women's President's Day 6v6 Tournament

Eric Rickords & Allie Saunders 2017 2's to 4's Tournament

Angell 2017 Winter 4v4 Coed Tournament

Paulo & Eileen Vaeono 2017 April 2's to 4's Tournament

Josselyn Jones & Joe Cullumber 2017 February 2's to 4's Tournament

Paulo & Eileen Vaeono 2016 December 2's to 4's Tournament

Josselyn Jones & Tommy Loveless 2016 October 2's to 4's Tournament

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