Meet our coaching staff. Our staff includes collegiate players, international players, and locally respected high school coaches. As a group, we have some of the top volleyball minds in the valley! All of our coaches share a love of the game of volleyball with all of the players that pass through our doors. Several coaches continue to compete both indoors and outdoors. Our coaches have a passion and excitement for the game of volleyball and that shows when they coach each athlete. 

Our coaches are responsible to teach proper technique and fundamentals to all players. Additionally, they should communicate clearly to each player both feedback at practice as well as helping each player understand his/her role on the team. Our coaches will teach and apply strategies during practice and games and are expected to balance hard work, fun, and discipline. We believe fun happens when you are working hard and learning. Our coaches are expected to provide a positive and constructive learning environment for all players and to act as a positive role model both on and off the court. Our coaches will also help train athletes on developing mental toughness and how to respond to adversity in a way that will help the athlete learn, grown, and excel. Our coaches work to motivate players at practice and games to compete at their highest level by teaching a strong work ethic and responsibility to teammates.

Denae Pruden
Dixie Loveless
Bailey Miller
Wendy Osborne
Jodi Coats
Izzy Vandertoolen
Cheyanne Hawkins
McCall Kinkade
Talise Billis
Spencer Foster
Maja Armajo
Taeg Williams
Kindy Peterson
Tanya Birch
Baylee Robins
Kenedi Christiansen
Joe Cullumber
Macey Trussel
Kallie Strong
Madison Cecil
Steve Stacey
Megan Foster
Josh Hawkins
Rhonda Belles
Kelsey Williams
Hailee Pulli
Kawena Cabatu
Camie Tripp
Jennifer Peterson
Dan Noack
Tanza Tupola
Emily Doxey
Kassie Strong
Maddie Larsen
Amy Crosbie
Victoria Boehme
Mike Tupola
Ryan Rockhill
Grayson DuBose
Malayna Knowles
Sheila Sorensen
Deana Skinner
Erin Davis
Madi Forsythe
Josselyn Jones
Cassandra DuBose
Ally Packard
Brock Mitchell
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There will be NO refunds for a program given unless another comparable athlete is able to fill the spot and pay the remaining fees. All sales are final.
*Unless otherwise stated for a specific program.