A Development Program for Girls & Boys Ages 5-15

PEAK Academy is the youth development program for Mtn Peak Volleyball. The program was created to help develop good, strong fundamentals in young girls and boys ages 5-15 to help prepare them for a future competitive environment. We are dedicated to teaching quality fundamentals to all athletes and helping each athlete develop a love for the game of volleyball. Each session is open to athletes ages 5-15; youth ages 5-7 will play with V Soft balls on a special net, 11 and under will play with Volley Lites on a U12 net and ages 12-14 will play with a regular ball on a women's size net. 


The 6-session program offers lessons that each feed into the next to create a seamless introduction of skills sets with a series of matching muscle-memory based touches. It blends fun challenges on the court with age-appropriate homework that reinforces progress. With skills comes confidence, and with confidence comes greater progress with each athlete's aspirations. 


Different skills and drills will be taught each practice. Drills like Jail Break, Team PopcornNoodle and Balloon Strikes, and the Early Bird Special are just a few examples of a typical practice that is both fun AND challenging. Our Academy program is broken into Levels 1-6 and athletes receive and level award each time a level is completed. Our coaches will send home an evaluation card during the testing day of each session to keep you informed on what your athlete can continue to focus on as he/she develops and learns more advanced skills.  Each athlete receives a new item once he/she graduates to the next level. Come develop good fundamentals in preparation for future high-level volleyball.


Practices are one hour each. Athletes wanting extra practice hours are welcome to attend our Academy program while also participating in our regular club season.


Jodi Coats

The January 9-May 14 sessions will have TWO locations, one north and one south. The south session will take place at the PEAK Performance Center on Tuesdays and the north session will be at Cedar Ridge on Thursdays. Please select which location works best for you during registration. You can participate in both locations (2 practices per week) for a discounted price.


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There will be NO refunds for a program given unless another comparable athlete is able to fill the spot and pay the remaining fees. All sales are final.
*Unless otherwise stated for a specific program.