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Looking to improve your game through individual or small group private lessons? We have well-qualified coaches specializing in multiple positions that can help you reach your goals. Our philosophy on private lessons is that they should be used with a very specific purpose. Newer players that need extra help with their fundamentals and form are encouraged to do lessons. Intermediate players that need help with specific skills or breaking bad habits are also encouraged. For more advanced players looking for extra reps, we strongly encourage a small-group format to create a more random and game-like experience for higher transfer of skills into match-play. 


Use the link below to submit your request for a private lesson. You will have the option to sign up for just one lesson or set up recurring lessons with a coach. If you have a preference on coach, please make sure to include that during registration.

COST: Coaches may charge between $35-$50/lesson for non-Mtn Peak athletes, plus a facility court fee. More experienced coaches typically charge more, so make sure to specify what level of coach you are looking for during registration.


In order to sign up for lessons, consult your head coach. He/she will help advise you on the best fit for your private lesson coach. 

COST: Coaches may charge between $20-$35/lesson for non-Mtn Peak athletes, and there is no gym rental fee for Mtn Peak members. 

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