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Looking to improve your game through individual or small group private lessons? We have qualified coaches specializing in multiple positions that can help you reach your goals. Private lessons can dramatically increase your skills over a short period of time due to the 1v1 format that allows a coach to cater their instruction directly to that athlete and help resolve technical issues with a high amount of feedback and reps personalized to that athlete. Many of our athletes playing at the highest levels in their age group spend a significant amount of time at private lessons as well as MPV skills clinics.


  • Only coaches and athlete(s) are allowed on the court. Parents, family members, friends, and especially children, are not allowed on the court at any time.

  • The court must be cleaned at the conclusion of the lesson. Floors swept, nets loosened, and all equipment returned to its proper place.

  • Anything damaged or broken (like a young child messing with equipment that he/she breaks) will be the responsibility of the individual reserving the court to replace or pay for and future use may be suspended.

Contact a coach directly using the below information. The coach will then schedule an MPV court for use during your lesson. Please note that court reservations can only be made 10 days in advance and are subject to availability based on current MPV programming (club, league, camps, etc.)

Coach Fee: Each coach charges an hourly fee for lessons. This cost can range from $20-$40/hour. This fee will be paid directly to the coach and must be paid 24 hours in advance.


Court Fee: The current MPV court fee is $40/hr. This fee includes the use of balls, equipment, and other MPV resources during the lesson. This is due 24 hours prior to the lesson in order to hold the reservation. Athletes who are currently playing for an MPV club team (club season goes from November-April/June) will have this court fee waived. This is for MPV club athletes ONLY, no exceptions. In order to have the court fee waived, the MPV athlete must be utilizing an MPV coach. Those who coach for outside programs are not eligible to use courts with a waived court fee. This fee will be paid directly to Mountain Peak Volleyball.

During the peak months of club season (November-April), MPV athletes ONLY will be allowed to utilize court space for private lessons. Due to the fact that very limited space is available, this limited space is reserved for current MPV club athletes only.

*No-shows are not eligible for any refunds and may forfeit future use of court space.

*If coach & court fees are not paid on time or the above rules are violated, future court use will be suspended.

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