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Mountain Peak Volleyball provides athletes with high quality programming to pursue volleyball excellence. Our players are taught the importance of fostering a Growth Mindset and developing teamwork and communication skills with the ultimate goal of excelling both on and off the volleyball court (both now and in their future endeavors). Our highly trained coaches embrace the challenge of developing their athletes physically and mentally and strive to teach our PEAK values of Perseverance, Energy, Attitude, and Knowledge. Our Mountain Peak Family aims to have a positive impact on each and every member of our club.



Every Mountain Peak coach comes to practice with a clear and specific practice plan with the current needs of the team in mind. We require coaches spend time outside of practice preparing  for each week. We provide essential coaching clinics and tools to our staff to ensure each coach understands how to structure and build out practice plans to maximize reps, learning, and progress. All of our coaches are trained on consistent coaching keys and terminology to create a consistent learning environment. Our directors attend national coaching clinics each year to ensure our teachings are up-to-date and follow the directive of the USA Women's team and top programs throughout the nation.

Through our in-house Power & Agility program, we also focus on injury prevention and training athletes to jump and land safely so they can enjoy the sport longer in their lifetime with fewer physical setbacks. 


Mentally, we spend significant time developing the mindset of each athlete. We run weekly PEAK trainings once per week for each team that focus on embracing a growth mindset and learning from failure. 

We believe that winning is not our focus, but the pleasant and expected by-product of hard work and effort. Winning and losing are both waypoints along the journey. We believe that competing at our highest level will help us accomplish our goals. We live by unbending values, cherish the challenge, respect the nature of competition, and run headlong into the quest for excellence. We believe in developing purpose-driven athletes who are internally motivated to reach success. We seek challenges, battle for personal excellence, strive to be better each day, and live and play with purpose embedded in values. We embrace the journey!

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