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HOME LIFE: When Wendy was 6 years old her family moved to Petersboro in Cache Valley.  She grew up with her 4 sisters and 1 brother on her dad’s family farm. She met her husband,  Shawn at Snow College. She’d love to say it was love at first sight when she passed him  sitting in the training room being treated for a VERY broken nose! BUT it was the first time their  paths crossed! They have been married for 27 years, and have 5 children: Brevin, Sammie,  Jaycee, Josh, and Andrew. Aside from being with her family and coaching/watching volleyball,  Wendy enjoys running, sewing, watching movies, reading (she is sure the volleyball is her  patrons!), Costa Vida, chocolate, and is learning how to play tennis.

EDUCATION: After graduating from Mountain Crest (yes, she still bleeds orange and blue!), she  attended Snow College for 2 years and finished her schooling at Weber State. She graduated  from Weber State with her secondary teaching certificate, with a major in Mathematics and a  minor in PE/Coaching.

VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Wendy played as a setter for 4 years at Mountain Crest, where they placed  2nd at State both her junior and senior years. She was able to keep playing at Snow College  for two years and was able to finish playing her last two years at Weber State (so add PURPLE  to the list of colors she bleeds!). Her claim to fame as a setter at Weber State is 74 assists in a  4 set match against Boise State. Although others have had more assists in a match for Weber  State, none of them are in a 4 set match. One of her favorite memories while playing at Weber  is playing BYU in front of a record crown at the Dee Events Center. The match lasted almost 2  1/2 hours (remember the only way you earned a point was if your team was serving)!! During  the match, she remembers that they were beating BYU, and Elaine Michaelis (BYU’s coach,  1961-2002) actually got out of her chair and called a time out. This was a BIG deal! Elaine  rarely got out of her chair during a match. “Boy, did we celebrate!! BEST TIME-OUT EVER!!”

COACHING CAREER: Wendy has had the opportunity to coach collegiately for a couple of years,  and has coached at different clubs and with different age groups ranging from the 12’s to 18’s.  She has helped her sister, Malayna Knowles, run and direct a couple clubs, and has helped  coach at Mountain Crest occasionally when family life would allow. This past summer she had  her first experience helping to coach outdoor volleyball with Mtn. Peak and had a BLAST!!

WHY I COACH: “For the love of the game, and for the opportunity to try and share that love with  others! I know what it has done for me and given me. I hope that through coaching I can share  that love, passion, and drive with others as well as help guide, instruct, and impart the values  and lessons this sport has taught me and is still teaching me!”

VOLLEYBALL IDOL: Malayna (Fryer) Knowles, Debbie Green, Steve Timmons (Red Sands!), Karch  Kiraly, Jeff Stork, Sinjin Smith, & Randy Stoklos

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