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Dixie Loveless

14 National Team Coach

HOME LIFE: Dixie grew up on a dairy farm in Star Valley, Wyoming. She has 8 siblings (4 brothers & 4 sisters), one of which is her twin sister. Dixie has milked a lot of cows and changed a lot of pipe. No, brown cows don't make chocolate milk. Her nicknames in high school were TippyGum and Dix, which is only awkward when you say it out loud. She met her husband, Tommy, on a blind date and was impressed with his culinary skills and large biceps. They were married in 2011 and continue to enjoy working out and eating sushi together. They have one little boy, Lincoln, who can't wait to join his first boy's volleyball team in a few years.

EDUCATION: After completing her Associates degree at Central Wyoming College in 2010, Dixie transferred to Utah State University and graduated in 2011 Magna Cum Laude in Business Administration. She fell in love with business at a young age and started her first business as a sophomore in high school.

VOLLEYBALL CAREER: Dixie fell in love with volleyball at a young age and spent every moment she could playing. She played volleyball for Star Valley High School in Wyoming and played club with Idaho Falls Juniors. She continued playing at Central Wyoming College where she was a team captain and led her team in kills and blocks. Freshman year, she was ranked third in the nation for NJCAA D1 schools in blocking. Her sophomore year, she recorded a triple-double against Western Wyoming College, the first and only athlete at the school to record a triple double. After transferring to Utah State, she continued competing in tournaments in and around the state with other "retired" volleyball players. She still loves competing in local outdoor tournaments throughout the summer.

COACHING CAREER: Dixie has been coaching different levels of volleyball for over 10 years. She began doing private lessons for younger girls when she was in high school and fell in love with teaching the sport. She is currently an assistant coach at Green Canyon High School in North Logan. She has also coached at Sky View High School and Logan High School. Dixie coached several years for Cache Valley Volleyball Club, Mtn West Volleyball Club, and as a coach/director for North Peak Volleyball Club. She is now the director of Mtn Peak Volleyball and coaches the 14-1 Elite team each season.

WHY I COACH: "I love coaching for so many reasons. I love the girls and their parents and making new relationships each season. I love seeing athletes discover they can make and accomplish their goals and celebrate with them as they find success. I love seeing them understand how adversity and failure can play a positive role in our development and progress individually and as a team. Creating lasting relationships with athletes, parents, coaches, and fellow club directors is one of the best things about this sport. I have been "obsessed" with volleyball since I was young and the joy it brings me is something I want in my life forever! I am so lucky to get to do what I love every day. Volleyball and the lessons I've learned through it (and still learn) have played a significant role in helping me overcome some of my toughest trials. I am a firm believer in giving back to the sport and I'm excited to be a part of the volleyball community here in Logan!"

VOLLEYBALL IDOL: Karch Kiraly, Russ Rose, John Dunning

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