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HOME LIFE: Kawena was born in Maui, and lived there until her family moved to Utah when she was 8 years old. She loves going back to Maui to visit family and hangout at the beach. Snorkeling is her absolute favorite and she loves seeing all the beautiful fish, coral, and sometimes turtles! Kawena is the oldest of 5 kids and has a dog, and a hamster. She loves playing card games and watching movies with her younger siblings.

EDUCATION: After graduating from Ridgeline High School in 2019, Kawena decided to further her education at Utah State University. Kawena loves to help others, so she is majoring in Cultural Anthropology and hoping to work for nonprofit and humanitarian organizations in the future.

VOLLEYBALL CAREER: As a freshman at Mountain Crest High School, Kawena’s friends convinced her to try out for the volleyball team, and she made it. She fell in love with the sport and played all throughout high school as a DS/Libero. Kawena also played 3 years of club volleyball and loved every minute of it. She can’t get enough of the sport and now enjoys playing sand volleyball on campus in the summer with her friends, and is taking a volleyball class at the university


COACHING CAREER: Kawena has enjoyed coaching 10 year olds in the fall league. She loves being able to continue her participation in the sport through teaching others, and looks forward to another great season.

WHY I COACH: “Volleyball is something I am so passionate about! It is so fun to see athletes as they progress throughout a season. I love taking home the W after a big game, and I enjoy the “little” victories just as much. Helping a player to push themselves and accomplish their goals is one of my favorite parts of coaching. Not only do I want to help athletes improve their skills on the court, but I also want to help them develop skills that will help them in other aspects of their lives. Volleyball was the root of many of my favorite memories and I hope that the players have fun as they work hard to achieve their goals."


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